The Adobros

The Adobros

A Filipino Supper Club in London

Two brothers, Mark and Mike, are the “Bros” in The Adobros. The other part, of course, being the national dish of the Philippines: Adobo (our favourite dish and also one of our specialities).

We grew up in Hong Kong on a staple of Filipino dishes lovingly cooked by our, ahem, loving mother. It wasn’t until  we were carted off to boarding school here in the UK that we realised how much we missed this great home cooking. Each of us approached our mother, curious to learn her secrets and through the years we have each tried, tested and perfected her recipes.

Just like the regional variations on classic dishes such as adobo, our versions are slightly different from each other. The recipes we learned weren’t based on exact measurements, but on taste, as is typical of Filipino home cooking. It’s fair to say that everyone’s adobo is different, so come try ours!

Go visit the Adobros!

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