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Here are my first tentative steps into the blogging world…

So, shall we start with an introduction? My name’s Mark, a half-English half-Filipino mestizo who was born and raised in Hong Kong and who has also lived in Singapore (got that?), who is now a young and responsible (ha!) adult living in London, who likes to share things with people. Not necessarily my possessions, mind – hands off my wallet, you – I’m thinking more in terms of my experiences and my knowledge.

And that’s probably why I’m here today. I seem to have developed a bit of a reputation amongst my friends and family of being a ‘go-to’ guy when it comes to making food and drink recommendations. I’m not quite sure how that came about; maybe it’s because I have a pretty encyclopaedic recollection of everywhere I’ve gone in London, or maybe it’s because I am such a good storyteller (ha!). In any case, unless there is a way of tapping into someone’s brain, I have a vast amount of food and drink knowledge going unused. And that’s just plain wasteful.

So – here is my attempt to share some of that knowledge and some of that experience. I hope that you can enjoy just a bit of it, but most importantly – and here is today’s life lesson – I hope that I can help you enjoy your own life just a little bit more.

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