Bedtime Reading

Occasionally, just occasionally, I like to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and knock out a few words on topics that interest me – on topics that I think my opinion is worth sharing.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I like to submit the results of my idle musings to the charming people over at Philippine Generations. What, you’ve never heard of them? Why, I never! Fine, fine, I’ll introduce you to them. PhilGen are a not-for-profit group that, in their words, “promotes the Philippines and the voice of the under-represented Filipino minority”, using educational, inspirational and empowering activities. Cultural workshops (parol-making classes at Christmas), language classes (ang hirap mag-aral ng Pilipino? Hindi naman! Magtiyaga kayo lang!), 5-a-side football tournaments (fear the mighty Pasay, Pass-You, Pass Him Goooal!), networking socials (drinking ses – I mean, genteel coffee afternoons)… things like that.

Well anyway, PhilGen have a blog that publishes all sorts of useful info and things of educational interest. And occasionally, just occasionally, my articles are judged worthy of taking on that Herculean task. I’ll leave you to read them and decide for yourself…….

The authenticity of food: establishing and challenging tradition

Volcanic eruptions and identity

250 years of camaraderie

Food culture and the ‘authenticity’ of food

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