What’s all this about?

Who am I?

My name’s Mark, a half-English half-Filipino mestizo who was born and raised in Hong Kong and who has also lived in Singapore (got that?), who is now a young and responsible (ha!) adult living in London, who likes to share things with people. Not necessarily my possessions, mind – hands off my wallet, you – I’m thinking more in terms of my experiences and my knowledge.

Why am I here?

I seem to have developed a bit of a reputation amongst my friends and family of being a ‘go-to’ guy when it comes to making food and drink recommendations. I’m not quite sure how that came about; maybe it’s because I have a pretty encyclopaedic recollection of everywhere I’ve gone in London, or maybe it’s because I am such a good storyteller (ha!). In any case, unless there is a way of tapping into someone’s brain, I have a vast amount of food and drink knowledge going unused. And that’s just plain wasteful.

What’s the meaning of all this?

Here is my attempt to share some of that knowledge and some of that experience. I hope that you can enjoy just a bit of it, but most importantly – and here is today’s life lesson – I hope that I can help you enjoy your own life just a little bit more.

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One thought on “What’s all this about?

  1. Katie Brimblecombe

    Hi there,

    I wonder if you can help. We are currently making a new TV series which celebrates multicultural Britain through food.

    For the programme, we will be exploring the different cultures and cuisines that thrive throughout the U.K.

    Our presenter, a well known food author, will meet with passionate cooks from various communities in their own homes. They will show him how they make their favourite national dishes, and at the same time, he will learn about any customs/traditions, history, or personal stories connected with the food being made.

    We are on the lookout for fantastic home cooks (various ages / generations) not professional experts (so not necessarily chefs in restaurants – it is not a competition) that can give us a snapshot of the country they have left with the dishes they enjoy to cook for their family, friends and perhaps even the community.

    I wonder whether this is something you can help us with? Please feel free to distribute this message.
    Many thanks,

    tigress productions | 1-2 Oakfield Court | Oakfield Road | Bristol BS8 2BD


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