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Back to business…

Well, it has been a while since I last updated this… I haven’t lost interest in blogging as such, it’s just that life and actual living has gotten in the way: mainly adjusting to a new job, holidays and training for a couple of races later this year (excuses, excuses, I know).

So... they have WiFi here, right? For my blogging??

So… they have WiFi here, right? For my blogging??

But if you thought that I’d gone off trying new places to eat and hanging out in old haunts, you’d be sadly mistaken, for a very big part of this ‘being alive’ thing has involved some damn fine eating and drinking at places that I will eventually/would love to review on this site: Gymkhana, Discount Suit Company, Tsuru, Chotto Matte, Maddy’s Fish Bar, The LP Bar, Reverend JW Simpson, my favourite trio of dim sum places (Princess Garden of Mayfair, Phoenix Palace, Pearl Liang), the wide-ranging lunchtime options of Croydon (including the amazing Roti Masters), Meza, Mama Pho, Meze Mangal, Sager + Wilde, Mr. Buckley’s, Canteen, Central & Co., Koya, Goode & Wright, Boopshi’s, Ember Yard, Grillshack, Lahore Kebab House, Tramshed, Maxela, Pelt Trader, Carriage 34, The Albion in Islington, Zeret Kitchen, Jackson + Rye, Smokehouse, Bubbledogs… the list can go on and on, trust me.



And as implied, I also have a number of trips to report back on: the long overdue report on my fabulous dining during my Philippines trip last October, some foodie fun times in Lisbon, and most recently an excursion for deep-fried goodness in Amsterdam.

So much food...

So much food…

So little time...

So little time…

So much food. So little time to blog. A thousand sighs and a thousand tears.

BUT, all I reckon I need to get started up again is to just publish something, no matter how short.

So here goes!


As some of you may have seen, New Cross’ very own Filipino Supper Club, The Adobros, will be hosting a pop-up dinner at No. 178 New Cross Road, a lovely little café that I reviewed here.

The Adobros

No 178

This is obviously very exciting for us, as catering for up to 40 (!!) in a café is a big step up from our usual supper club, where 10 lucky people are ensconced in our dining room for a wondrously friendly and filling feast of Filipino food. More importantly, to have the good folks at No. 178 acknowledge The Adobros in such a manner is very humbling.

The least we can do then to repay the support of No. 178 and all of the diners who have enjoyed or will enjoy our food is to continue delivering hearty, home-cooked feasts that bring together friends and strangers for that quintessential supper club experience.

So we do hope that you can come join us at No. 178 on Saturday 24th May for a taste of Filipino food. Details below!

Date: Saturday 24th May

Tickets: £25 per person

Menu: To be confirmed

To book a place: Email or leave your details at No. 178 New Cross Road. See for more details

Kain na tayo! Let’s eat now!

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