The Adobros

So you may have heard the buzz…

The Adobros has finally hit London, bringing our offering of Filipino food to the hungry, oh-so hungry masses! And it will not be long until you will have a chance to give it a shot: our first supper club dates are on 14th September and 28th September.

Let’s wind the story back a bit though. Me and my bro, the bros in the Adobros, have always enjoyed cooking – for ourselves, for our parents, and for our friends. And one dish that we have always loved cooking and eating is the Filipino national dish, adobo.

It is a sublime mix of flavours: a wonderful blend of the sourness of vinegar, the savouriness of the soy sauce, the sweetness and bite of the garlic, and perhaps the fire of the occasional chilli… it is such a classically Filipino flavour that speaks of comfort, home, family, friendship and joy. For the millions in the Filipino diaspora worldwide, adobo is an instant cure to homesickness and for me and my brother, it is a reminder of our heritage and our home.

And so, wanting to share some of that with the lucky denizens of London, we have decided to combine forces and do our bit to promote this amazing dish, as well as the other great flavours of the Philippines, in a way that is fun, modern and social.

So please do come join us as we do our best to cook up a storm, entertain you with our wit and charm and leave you feeling absolutely stuffed and chuffed.

Go on. It’s not much ado-bout nothing!!!

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2 thoughts on “The Adobros

  1. m corbyn

    That sounds good

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  2. Stewart Petty


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