Kamayan Supper Club: Filipino Food in London


When was the last time you sat down and let someone serve you Filipino food?

Chances are, if you’re the average Londoner, it was either a very long time ago or NEVER. But this need not be the case!

Let me take the time to introduce you to a friend of mine, Mae of Pepe’s Kitchen.

It has long been a mission of hers to get more people eating Filipino food, at home and elsewhere, through catering events, hosting cooking classes and generally feeding anyone who would let her do so. I’ve very fortunately been one of those people she has fed, and boy I am a better person for it.

Well, Mae has been thinking of how else she can spread the good news about Filipino food (short of her following the footsteps of Travis Kraft – American Adobo and Salo-Salo will never get old), and after months of informal chit-chat, we decided that we should launch a supper club.

So please give a big, grand old welcome to the Kamayan Supper Club, our chance to share our love of socialising and eating – Pinoy style – with friends both old and new.

“What is Filipino food?”

Well, why not come along to the Kamayan Supper Club and find out??

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3 thoughts on “Kamayan Supper Club: Filipino Food in London

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